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第1篇: 商务英语初级考试题型-写作


Dear David:

I am very sorry to tell you that it will not be possible for us to meet during your forthcoming trip to Japan.Unfortunately I will be out of town on June 20,which is the only date that you said you have available in Tokyo.

If you are planning to make another visit to Japan sometime soon and if you can give me some advance notice of your visit,I would be delighted not only to see you again but also to arrange a visit to our factory.?

In any case,I look forward to meeting you again in New York on my next trip.



Dear Mr.Green:?

Thank you for your letter of October 15 regarding your visit next month.

We would be delighted to meet you to discuss your new products.Could you please come to our office at 11?∶00 a.m.on November 18?If your schedule permits,we would like to invite you to lunch after the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you.



Dear Henry:?

Please be advised I will be travelling to the United States next month to promote the latest products from Hara Software Inc.I will be in New York and ?available? for discussions from November 17 till November 19.

I would like very much to pay you a visit.Assuming this is acceptable,please let me know when it will be convenient for you to meet me at your office.

Sincerely Yours,


You are going to spend holidays in Hawaii in June. Suddenly you received a letter from an important customer,Mr. Elton Deland,who will arrive on 25th June and discuss the claim. You have to delay the trip till July.

Write a short message to Ms. Anne Folster, your secretary.

. Explain Why you postpone your trip.

. Mention the date when Mr. Elton Deland will arrive.

. Ask her to arrange your meeting.

. Write 30-40words on your Answer Sheet.


一般不用信头称呼的形式,也不采用在结尾处署上写信人的名字的方式,而是在备忘录的开头处写明收信人To________,在结尾处写明具体的写信人From___________以及主题:Re:__________ 或Subject:____________。例如:

To: Head Office staff

From: Tom Beck

I have the pleasure of announcing that Ms Sally Jolie has been appointed as the new Sales Manager at Head Office. Ms Jolie is due to join us on Monday 15th. Please give her a friendly welcome when she starts work.

Thank you.


To : Ms. Anne Folster


I have to delay my trip to Hawaii till July,as Mr. Flton Deland will arrive in London on 25th June and discuss the claim face to face. Please arrange our meeting on 26th June.

第2篇: 商务英语初级考试题型-写作


Dear Sirs,

I enclose an illustrated supplement to our catalogue.It covers the latest ?designs? which are now available from stock.

We are most gratified that you have,for several years,included a selection of our products in your mail-order catalogues.The resulting sales have been very steady.? We believe that we will find our new designs most attractive.They should get a very good reception in your market.

Once you have had time to study the supplement,please let us know if you would like to take the matter further.We would be very happy to send samples to you for closer inspection.

For your information,we are planning a range of classical English dinner services which should do well in the North American market.

We will keep you informed on our progress and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


第3篇: 商务英语初级考试题型-写作

Dear Herb:

I was a mite surprised at the gift presented to you on the occasion of your retirement party—a really beautiful set of golf clubs.I happen to know that you are not a golfer,and when I asked someone about the gift,the answer was:“That’s what Sheila said Herb wanted most of all.He doesn’t play now,but he’s determined to learn.”?

Of course,I shouldn’t be surprised.You’ve been constantly pursuing new challenges throughout your 45 years at Watson-Ferguson,and I can’t think of one that you didn’t master.It’s that fierce determination—tempered with a delightful wit and practical-mindedness—that has made you such an outstanding financial executive.Why not golf,indeed!?

We will miss you,naturally but our gloom is brightened somewhat by our vision of your chasing the little white ball all over Hilton Head Island.That,by the way,sounds like a lot more fun than juggling debentures and arguing with ?security? analysts.? Mary joins me in wishing for you and Sheila many happy years in the Sun Belt.Be sure to drop in on the folks here at W-F when you get to Cleveland.?

Best personal regards.

第4篇: 商务英语初级考试题型-写作



商务写作要求是简洁、准确,所以不要罗嗦,不要用模糊用语,一定要用具 体数据或具体事例,比如说,你要说今年A公司的营业额很高,一定要说明高到什么程度。讲一个产品很受欢迎,你可以说根据市场调查,10个人中有8个人都喜欢这个产品。

a) 图表描述,如描述一间公司到营业额、利润和成本的变化曲线。第一段先来一个总起,this report outlines a company’s revenue, profit and cost during the period of  to (可以参考情况而定,




--In 2004, the cost of this company was 3000 yuan, and in  the cost declined to 1005, but it rose a little to 1305 the next year.

--starting at the peak of 3000 yuan in 2004, the cost of this company, however, dropped dramatically to 1005 yuan the year after, but unfortunately rose somehow to 1305 in the last year.

--with an appalling start of 3000 yuan in the first year, the company successfully made a major 34% cut at the cost the year after and secured it at 1005,however, the cost inevitably expanded to 1305 in the last year.

总结三种表达方式,有三种开头形式,-ing形式开头,with + 名词开头,主语开头。其实每一条曲线写的都差不多是这些,但是一篇文章里面要尽量不重复用句型和词语,所以要多看多写多积累,灵活运用。