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While humans have made strides economically and technologically, the natural environment has become increasingly vulnerable as people cut down trees, pollute the air, water and soil. Therefore, encouraging them to assume the responsibility for protecting and preserving their own environment locally seems to be feasible but is unrealistic indeed.

If the government persuades its citizens to take care of their environment at the local level, some environmental problems will then be solved. Only if every individual in different areas choose to lead a low carbon lifestyle , for example driving less but taking public transport more and using less disposable products but reusing and recycling more, the air will be cleaner and resources on which we thrive consumed if all individuals just continue to damage the environment and take no action to change, the environment in which they reside and live will become a uninhabitable place. Without cooperation with different groups at the local level, the environment will hardly be improved.

But only pushing people to conserve the environment locally cannot address all environmental problems fundamentally. For example, the energy crisis has recently been a tricky problem for most countries, a problem that is so complex that it is beyond an individual’s ability to deal with. This is mainly because developing clean and renewable energy costs money and resources and because a growing number of environmental problems are no longer confined to a certain region or country.

Even worse, a majority of people are reluctant to adopt the solutions the government has proposed. The major reason is that many people consider the environment problem as a future concern. Some environment problems, such as climate change,may need to be tackled even after a century. Time and money is better invested in coping with immediate problems such as house shortage and traffic jam than in preventing a disaster that is only expected to happen in the future.

In conclusion, workable as it seems , inducing people to defend their own local environment not only fails to be an effective solution but is difficult to make this goal a reality in real life and in addition to individual efforts, other measures are also necessary especially when the environment problems is caused by a combination of factors, many of which are too big for an individual to resolve.字数 336words











8. 你房子旁边有棵树,给你带来很多不便,请给政府写封信说明情况,请他们调查并采取某些措施解决这个问题.

9. 作为学生你已离校,给在校的朋友写信告诉他你离校前做了些什么,回家旅途的经历并邀请他以后来做客。

10. 你在英国读书,但你觉得现在学的有一门课程对自己来说难度太大,请给校方写封信,询问是否有可能另换一门课程学习。

11. 你出去旅游,不小心东西丢了,写封信给保险公司,请求赔偿。

12. 你打算学习一门新的课程,向以前的老师写一封信,请他给你一些建议。(7.22)

13. 你的朋友从邮局给您寄来一个包裹,但很长时间还没收到,请您给邮局写封信。(8.12)

14. 你的朋友要去另外的一家公司工作,请你帮他给公司的老板写一封推荐信。(9.9)

15. 你去澳洲的朋友家做客,回国后发现自己的笔记本电脑忘在朋友家了,请给朋友写封信,感谢他的款待,并请他把电脑还给您。(9.23)





22、You went to London by train last week but you were not satisfied with the service, seating and lateness on the train. So write a letter to the train company and give some suggestions.(3.24)

23 、你去一个英语国家学习,住的地方不舒服,请写一封抱怨信给学校,说明自己的情况并提出建议。(4月7日)

24、You have a holiday job on summer months. But you do not get enough payment as the company offered when you started the job. So write a letter to the manager:

l Describe your work and employment length

l Explain your problem

l tell the manager what to do(4.28)


26、One community commi


The issue of whether old buildings should be demolished and replaced has long been a controversial issue. While some believe that it is important due to their historical value, others believe they should not stand in the way of development, which is resembled by the building of new infrastructures. In order to support one view over the other, it is crucial to answer two questions, which this essay will discuss: they are the extent of importance for maintaining old buildings and whether one should value history over progress.

Firstly, I believe that it is very important to maintain old buildings because they have historical and cultural significance and economic value. The old buildings may have an important function in history and some are even the nations’ pride. For instance, the Great Wall of China signifies the history of slaves’ perseverance, building the great wall of defense despite severe weather conditions, under the tyrannical rule of the Emperor and it also shows the concerns over safety during that historical period. Not only so, the Great Wall of China is the place that every tourist will visit when they come to Beijing; thus, it can be said that the Great Wall has economic value as those tourists will subsequently spend money there. Furthermore, the Great Wall of China instills a sense of pride in the hearts of Chinese people, as it resembles their long-lasting history. Hence, maintenance of old buildings are of utmost importance.

However, opponents may argue differently: Although new buildings may not have historical and cultural significance, they do have their purpose, both economically and developmentally. By replacing old buildings, there will be more space for housing, which is especially important due to the current problem of overcrowding. In doing so, it can guarantee basic living standards. There will also be more space for buildings used for educational purposes, as education is important for the nations’ growth.

Another arguments that opponents put forth is that history should not deter progress. They believe that a nation shouldn’t live in the past; instead, they should actively seek out the future. Whilst I believe this argument is sound, it is important to note that history doesn’t necessarily hinder progress, but would even prevent mistakes from happening again. An example will be the Nazi camps; they serve as a reminder to the nation about the dangers of discrimination and injustice.

To conclude, based on the two questions, I strongly believe that old buildings should not be replaced, not only due to their significance to the nation, but also due to the fact that that it doesn’t hinder progress.


大作文题目是:Most of world’s problems are caused by over-population. To what extent do you agree or disagree?



When people visit other countries they often find the customsof dressing and behavior are different than in their home country. Should visitors adopt the customs of the country they visit or should they follow the customs of their own country?


Many people wonder what to do when they visit other countries. Some people think it is best for them to adopt the local customs. However, other people think it is best to follow the customs of their own countries. This is not an easy question to answer but in this essaywe will look at this issue.

Some things that visitors may do are immoralor even illegal according to the customs of the local country. For example, in certain countries it is considered bad to show affection in public like men and women kissing or holding hands. It may also be very bad for women to wear revealing clothing such as a short skirt or see-through blouse. In these countries it may also be illegalto drink alcohol.

Adopting to the local customs can show respect. Wearing a suit and tie can show respect if that is what the people of the country wear at a meeting or formalevent. Men will take their hat off or women will cover their heads to show respect when entering a holy place.


It is a trend that many programs appearing on the screen contain some violent and pornographic elements more or less, no matter block busters or certain shows. And, they seem to be warmly welcomed, or, in other words, exactly satisfy some peoples tastes. However, taking its great contribution to juvenile delinquency, failure to obtain literature and misleading the public into consideration, it is time for government to control the amount of this sort of films.

First of all, it is a miseducation towards youngsters, and may cause them to commit crimes. Specifically, movies, a form of media, should deliver more information on culture and literature rather than some vulgar concept which in turn ruin peoples tastes and fail to call on their reflection. These violent components influence a child deeply, thus lead to bad behaviors, habit pattern or ways of thinking, e.g. a child might consider that it is reasonable to kill the person who has offended him, and also, their attitude towards using guns or other instruments is quite different from ordinary people. Besides, they might set the criminals as examples and follow them blindly. And these are all potential dangers leading to juvenile delinquency.

Also, the violent programs are lack of beautiful feelings and care about others. By this I mean that, most of them suggest a spirit of purely pursuing a mans purpose. For the sake of ones own interests, he is cruel, apathetic and undefeatable, which is an ideal image. But, in the real word, this is not true. As a persons greatness emotional need is to feel appreciated, doing like roles in the movie which are regardless of legislation and regulation sounds ridiculous.


Extraterrestrials, that may range from single-celled organisms to beings with a civilization far more advanced than humanity may exist on other planets of the universe. Scientists do not have any evidence to prove their existence to date. According to one camp of scientists, messages should be sent to those aliens to confirm their existence; however, the other camp expresses concerns about hailing the attention of alien civilizations. I would delve into both the views in this essay.

Due of overexploitation, the earth is slowly becoming uninhabitable, to begin with. In the true spirit of exploration, astrobiologists want to explore the space for the existence of advanced life forms which would be beneficial for us in the future. Cosmologists like Stephen hawking consider this advancement in the search of intelligent lives may get to a period in our future where we outgrow our evolutionary baggage. Furthermore, a search of extraterrestrial civilizations will make us not only technologically more proficient than we are, but more aware of the rarity and preciousness of life in the cosmos.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of risks in contacting extraterrestrials scientists currently have no idea what alien life-forms might look like, or how they might respond to contact from human civilization. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach. We don"t know much about aliens, but we know about humans. If we look at history, contact between humans and less intelligent organisms have often been violent and have gone badly for the less advanced. A civilization reading one of our messages could be billions of years ahead of us. If so, they will be vastly more powerful, and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.

In conclusion, even though I fear that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the human race, the desire for the search for life beyond earth outgrows the risks and I strongly agree that it would give us a commitment to live. We are alive. We are intelligent. We must search for the signs of life in this universe.


Today, technology has become an essential part of our work and life so much so that there is a dramatic increase in the number of tasks performed by robots. In my perspective, there are several economic and sociological reasons behind this positive development.

Firstly, people’s lifestyle has become more dynamic and demanding. That means people need to study and work more to achieve their progressive objectives. Consequently, people are relying more and more on technology to do the basic tasks such as house cleaning and food preparation. For example, the number of people in the USA who use cleaning robots such as ROMBA are rapidly increasing due to the abundant time savings. Hence, by using advanced technologies people can save time for working or studying and achieve their big goals.

Secondly, this demanding lifestyle has pushed people far from their families; which, in turn, afflicted their social connections due to the shortage of free time. Therefore, people are now employing robots to save time for their social life. For instance, people in Japan use robots to prepare their breakfast while they chat. Undoubtedly, that utilization of technology improves people’s social life significantly and invigorates their business networks. Thus, the usage of robots at work and home enables people to save time and use it for other more fulfilling tasks.

To sum up, advanced technology has reached people’s work and homes. This great development makes their life more comfortable and stimulates them to focus on their goals while robots do their daily tasks. I believe that such improvement is crucial to enhance people’s well-being.



Some scientists think that are intelligent life forms on other planets and messages should be sent to contact them. Other scientists think it is a bad idea and would be dangerous. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.



It is universally acknowledged that“Student are the leader of tomorrow”. It is argued that students should experience overseas life to learn the language and culture of the host country. Personally, I would completely agree with this for the following reasons.


To begin with, living in a foreign nation is always advantageous to experience a different culture even for a short period of time. One day abroad is one day learnt. Hence, students living abroad usually have better and more thorough understanding of the outside world than those students who do not have these experiences; they also tend to have more open minds to differences in culture and so become more tolerant to other groups of people. Compared to those who learn the cultural values of foreign countries from books and media, students who have overseas living experience can have a broader perspective of the world we live in.


Furthermore, having first-hand exposure to the local language is the best way to learn it. The truth is, no matter how much students excel in foreign language courses,they do not usually master the language completely. For example, there are never enough English native speakers in schools to provide a real English speaking community, which may result in students knowing English very well in terms of grammar or reading, but speaking and dialogue comprehension is a big obstacle for them. In contrast, living in the foreign environment gradually improves the learning and accent in speaking and allows them to learn collocations that native speakers normally use in daily conversations.


In conclusion, I firmly hold the view that living in another country for education purposes is advantageous both culture-wise and language-wise.



大作文话题为社会类话题,Employers should give their staff at least a 4-week holiday a year to make employees better at their jobs. To what extend do you agree or disagree?讨论企业是否应该给员工放长假。情况本期话题及具体范文内容。



1、Some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this. Use specific reasons

2、It is sometimes said that borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship. Do you agree? Why or why not? Use reasons and examples in your answer.

3、Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents’ generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.

4、Some people pay money for the things they want or need. Other people trade products or goods for what they need. Compare the advantages of these two ways of obtaining things. Which way do you prefer? Explain why.

5、Imagine that you have received some land to use as you wish. How would you use this land? Use specific details to explain your answer.

6、Some people like doing work by ha12 Others prefer using machines. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

7、You want to persuade someone to study your native language.What reasons would you give?Support your answer with specific details.

8、You have been asked to suggest improvements to a park that you have visited. This might be a city park.a regional park,or a national park.What improvements would you make?Why?Use specific reasons and examples to support your recommendations.

辨证客观思维题:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?People should read only those books that are about real events,real people, and established facts.Use specific reasons and details to support your opinion.

熟知问题:Films can tell us a lot about the country in which they were made. What have you learned about a country from watching its movies?Use specific examples and details to support your response.

学校教育问题:Some people say that phyical exercise should be a required part of


In recent decades, movies and TV series have been imported from other countries. Although some people believe foreign films and TV shows that affected many things in our lives, they also play an integral part in the development of every country. There are a number of reasons why local films and shows benefit a culture.

First, movies made by local people would help preserve the tradition and customs of their own culture. For instance, local programs such as Lunar New Year,..which reminds many young generations always remember the tradition of ethnic culture.

Second, producing more local films will enrich the cultural library. For example, film production involves many aspects of life such as education, economics, business, etc, enhancing views on culture and communication skills. On the other hand, imported movies and TV series bring a lot of advantages to a local culture. Firstly, when a country imported movies that are imported from overseas, it can help its people learn about other cultures in much easier and more effective way. In fact, it helps them broaden their own knowledge about different fields and communities through real experiences of people from other countries. Secondly, each individual can learn the good things from other civilized societies through their behavior and ways of working. For example, the habit of queuing is a beautiful habit in many Western countries, people can copy their action and apply this sort of knowledge in real life.

In conclusion, only focusing on producing local films and shows will do more harm than good. Local officials should also recognize the benefits of purchasing foreign movies on preserving their culture.



Nowadays more tasks at home and work are being performed by robots. Why do you think it is happening? Is it a negative or positive development?

解析:这个题目在之前的亚太区考题中就出现过,但是对于国内的考点来说,可能是第一次出现。可以参考的观点包括:1. 机器人可以把我们从枯燥的重复劳动中解放,让我们可以把时间和精力花在更有创造性的工作上 2. 在一些领域,让机器人去工作可能更安全。


Many aver giving detailed information about crimes committed via TV and printed media has an adverse impact on the public. Thus, this practice ought to be prohibited. I disagree with this prospect and below the reasons on which my stance is based will be discussed in details.

On the other hand, publishing detailed criminal description leads to some disadvantageous consequences. Firstly, people who routinely and regularly watch programs and read articles in magazines that are full of bloody details and horrible nuances of crimes have become accustomed to this after a while. So, violence in its many forms becomes a new norm of life. Secondly, those who were involved in the gory events such as victims, survivors and their relatives may be hurt by unwanted public attention drawn to them by the publications. For instance, TV reporters and writers often pursue those who somehow suffered from violence and illegal actions and a young victim of a rape or a father of a killed daughter will be repeatedly asked to give interviews on the painful topics. Those are main disadvantages of the discussed trend.

On the other hand, demonstration and description of crimes on the screen and paper have some positive effects. Primarily, rising people’s awareness about actions and circumstances that provoke violence may tremendously help people to avoid being involved in such horrible events. To exemplify, if people knew that robbers usually break into houses that do not have a dog in the backyard or inside the home, the informed public would likely buy a dog to deter criminals. Furthermore, the publishing detailed info about committed crimes will likely attract people’s attention to the problematic situation and this wave of discontent will probably force politicians, government officials and police officers to take some actions to tackle the problem. Thus, the number of violent crimes committed will decrease. In other words, the discussed trend has some advantageous aftermaths.

In conclusion, although a detailed description of law violations has some shortages, the merits of this practice definitely outweigh them.



Some people think that it is good for a country’s culture to broadcast foreign films and TV shows. Others, however, think it is best to produce local films and shows. Discuss both views and give your own opinion



The traffic congestion is increasing at fast pace as a result people need more time to reach their office. A section of people believes that replacing all parks and gardens with skyscrapers to stay in will resolve this issue. However, many of them oppose this notion, as this idea is not effective in long run. I will scrutinize both this aspects in my further paragraphs before forming an opinion at the end.

To embark on, as our economy is increasing, so number of offices are also increasing. Earlier, people had fix time duration to reach office and short as well. However, due to traffic congestion and population, people have to spend more time while traveling to or from office. Many people think that this issue can be managed by demolishing all playgrounds and gardens inside city and establishing new residential complexes will eliminate extra time required while travelling to office.

However, many people do not accord with this idea as it has limited success for few years only. Moreover, adverse effect of removing parks are far more dangerous than time loss while commuting. Because, parks and gardens are the best source for carbon dioxide absorption and physical activities for children and adults. Can anyone guarantee that replacing parks will solve our time travel losses? Instead, government should encourage people to use public transport rather than private cars. Secondly, office times of various regions should be arranged in such as a way that optimum numbers of vehicles are on road during office hours.

To recapitulate, replacing park with new building will not at all help our excess time spending issue rather it will worsened our environment. Encouragement to use public transport, office timings reshuffling are probable solution to save time while reaching workplace.


It is true that the question of how important the famous people"s support towards international aid organizations is. While there are some people think that celebrities would make problems less appreciable, I argue that they could attract more attentions.

On the on hand, there is a variety of reasons why many people underestimate the famous people"s effects associated with global aid campaigns. Firstly, there are some singers or actresses take part in international programs for the aim of exploiting without enthusiasm. Instead of raising funds and supporting strongly, they use these world organizations to attain their goals which enhance their reputations. Secondly, when the celebrities participate in these organizations, people would tend to concentrate on them much more than the objection of plans. This makes the purpose of the support go to eclipse.

On the other hand, I do believe that the famous have a great influence on the aid organizations. One reason is that they would take advantage of the well-known to spread the campaigns thoroughly thanks to a huge number of fans. Moreover, celebrities could hold many live shows or advertisements to raise money for funds and inspire to followers. For instance, My Tam is famous for not only having a great career but also taking philanthropic actions or charitable donations in Vietnam. Famous people are able to make the international fund more confident and public, therefore, the aid aims would become successful easily.

In conclusion, although there are some throwbacks when celebrities participate in the global aid organizations to some extent, it seems to me that it is more advantageous for the community by the famous people"s support as well as their voluntary activities.


大作文题目是:Some people think certain old buildings are worth preserving more than the other ones. Which types of old buildings should be preserved ? Do you think the advantages of preserving old buildings outweigh the disadvantages?


In this digital age, traditional teaching modes are being replaced by technology-based ones. Textbooks, which seem less appealing to students, are advised to give way for electronic teaching tools such as video games and films. As far as I am concerned, I partly disagree with this assertion.


There is no denying that learning with multimedia contributes to improving learning effect. A case in the point is that, historical stories on the book may read boring as there are merely names of places, portraits of ancient emperors as well as date when events happened. In contrast, through a video or documentary, the scenes, objects and the facial expressions of great figures are depicted in a vivid and dynamic way, arousing students’ interest and reinforcing their understanding of historical knowledge.


Nevertheless, printed materials are not supposed to be removed in education. The most obvious reason is that reading facilitates the development of imagination. While reading poetry, novels and other literary works, students can visualize the artistic conception, scenery and appearance of heroes in their mind. Providing that the class was taught with TV dramas or movies, this ability would be undermined as the information will be directly presented on the screen and seen in the same way by all viewers. Another significant point is that reading contents on textbook is conducive to enhance student’s language skills. Unlike watching films, readers are required to pay attention to the grammar, context and coherence of a passage, all of which are vital for writing skills.


In conclusion, even though it is justified to apply technology to modern education, I still advocate books should continually be used in imparting knowledge as they play significant roles in certain subjects and cultivating children into all-round individuals.



字数 288 words


technology-based 以科技为基础的

learning effect 学习效果

in a vivid and dynamic way 以一个生动的方式

reinforce their understanding of 加强对于…的理解

printed materials 纸质材料

facilitate the development of 促进…的发展

visualize…in their mind 把…在头脑中视觉化

undermine 逐渐衰退

impart knowledge 传输知识

all-round individuals 全面的个体


…date when… 定语从句

..., arousing… 现在分词作结果状语

Providing that,… 条件状语从句引导词

It is justified to… It作形式主语


大作文雅思大作文题目:Some people say that children should go to school as young as possible, while others believe that children should not start primary school until they are six or seven-years-old. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.






in some countries, students pay their college or university fees,while in some others, government pays for them. Do you think the advantages that government pays the money outweigh thedisadvantages? Give reasons and examples.


Some people believe everyone has the right to get university education,to what extent do you agree government should make it free to all people no matter of their financial background? 2012.09.06

Higher education has several ways to be funded:

all costs paid by government

all costs paid by students

students could get government loan and after finishing the education students should repaid the cost to the government.

discuss the benefits of these three theories above and decide which is the best way .2007.09.22







Education is universallydeemed as the dutyof the government, butwhen it comes to higher level,opinions diverge. Some taxpayers take for grantedthat governments should pay for tertiary study.However, I doubt the feasibility of such practice inmany economies. (被动句,并列句,时间状语从句,宾语从句)

Of course calling for public funding foruniversity or college is reasonable from some perspectives.The first beneficiary should be those in poverty or indisadvantageous situation whononethelessperformwell academically and hold the ambition to further theireducation to higher level. They are treated equallyto the access to higher education andit is thisequality that gives them an opportunity to break theirvicious cycle of poverty or crime and to make contribution tobetter life in their hometown when they graduate. In this scenario the nation is able to foster a larger numberof professionals and gain economic and social benefit frombetter human capital. (动名词,定语从句,被动句,并列句,强调句,状语从句)

However, such practice is rarely implemented in the worldincluding some wealthy countries and the direct reason liesin financial issue. Compulsory primary and secondaryeducation usually does not leave the government sufficientbudget for further support in many countries. In addition,going to university is personal choice, which means thatit would be unfair for those who chooseto work after secondary school. An obvious downside of freeuniversity would encourage every school leaver to attenduniversity, butit is also clear that not everyone isable to or is willing to do so. (并列句,动名词,定语从句,宾语从句,形式主语)

In my opinion, to harmonize the above conflictcaused by free higher education, a practical suggestion canbe that the government fund university education by offering interest-free loan or grantingscholarship tothose poor but outstanding students. (非谓语,宾语从句)


1. universally 普遍地

2. deem 认为

3. diverge 有分歧

4. take it for granted 认为理所当然

5. feasibility 可行性

6. practice 做法

7. tertiary / higher education 高等教育

8. call for 呼吁

9. fund 资助

10. perspective 角度

11. outstanding 优秀的

12. nonetheless 然而

13. perform well academically 学习好

14. ambition 抱负

15. treat 对待

16. empower/ enable 使有能力

17. break their vicious cycle of poverty 打破贫穷的.恶性循环

18. scenario 情形

19. foster / nurture 培养

20. professional 专业人士

21. human capital 人力资本

22. implement 执行

23. financial 财政的

24. Compulsory 强制的

25. budget 预算

26. sufficient 充足的

27. school leaver 高中毕业生

28. harmonize 协调

29. conflict 冲突

30. interest-free loan 无息贷款

31. grant 批准

32. scholarship 奖学金

33. beneficiary 受益人


The way we live today is significantly different from the way our forefathers lived fifty or sixty years ago. Thanks to modern technology, today we have got just about every amenity we need to live a comfortable life. Some people believe that modern technology has made our lives more complicated. They are of the opinion that we should learn to do away with it. Is that possible? Let’s examine.

Modern technology might have made our lives more complicated, but one has got to admit that it has improved our lives in several other ways. For example, cars and buses have made commuting easier. Electricity has literally brightened our lives. Air conditioning has made summer months tolerable. Cell phones and internet make it possible to stay connected wherever we are. Home appliances are a boon for homemakers. Technology has also considerably improved our productivity.

On the flip side, technology has made our lives complicated too. There is no escaping from the always-on connectivity. Before the advent of cellphones and internet, taking a break was a whole lot easier. People just had to pack their bags and go to the place they like to unwind. Now that cellphone terminals are available in virtually every part of the world, people can never escape from their work or problems. Even when they are on a family vacation, few people can resist the temptation to check their work email. This need to stay constantly connected has only made our lives more stressful. Modern technology has also made us physically inactive and prone to develop several lifestyle diseases.

Does that mean that we should do without modern technology? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. Technology is addictive. It is not easy to live without the technological innovations we are used to enjoying. Can anybody now think of a world where we don’t have access to electricity or telephone? The truth is that we can’t.

After analyzing the situation it is felt that though modern technology has made our lives more complicated, it is not something that we can do without. What we need to do is to use it responsibly.


教育类话题:额外作业带来的是好处还是负担?Some people think that every day given the homework to the student is not good or other think it is necessary need the extra study at home to success the school.give both view or your view with example.

教育类话题:烹饪进课堂,课堂上究竟应该学什么?Some people believe skills such as cooking should be taught at schools while others disagree. Discuss both views and tell your own opinion.

教育类话题:大学压力大。In recent years,the pressure of students in university is increasing. They are pushed to work hard at young age. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

教育类话题:电脑的使用让学生写作技能下降了?Some people believe that the increasing use of the computers and the mobile phones has a negative effect on young people’s reading and writing skill,do you agree or disagree?















There is a view that, employees perform better if they are compensated with a minimum 4 week vacation annually. I completely agree with this view. In this essay I will explain why I support this view.有一种观点认为,如果员工每年至少有4周的假期,他们的表现会更好。我完全同意这个观点。在这篇文章中,我将解释为什么我支持这个观点。

To begin with, a 4 week vacation motivates the employee to work hard. This is because, employee can often work relentlessly if they think they will get a vacation at the end of their tireless project. For example, research done on 1000 employee of a software company, shows a long leave form work is usually the driving force behind their hard work. In contrast, if they are not compensated with such vacation, lethargy sinks in and they often delay completing their project.首先,4周的假期激励员工努力工作。这是因为,如果员工认为他们在不知疲倦的项目结束后会得到一个假期,他们就会毫不留情地工作。例如,对一家软件公司的1000名员工所做的研究表明,长期休假通常是他们努力工作背后的驱动力。相反,如果他们没有得到这样的假期补偿,他们就会变得无精打采,常常拖延完成他们的项目。

Secondly, such breaks can provide psychological benefit by reducing stress. An employee is always under tremendous pressure. They work over time and even on weekends. Office worker often finds its hard to balance work life and thus feels pressurized. This is because, they usually have a tight deadline to finish projects and to meet this deadline they work all day and night, neglecting families and friends and sometimes even their health. So, if an employee is given 4 week vacation, she/he will have enough time to enjoy, to relax. A break from the work provides much needed relief and releases this tension. As a result, the employee finds her/his motivation and comes back to work happy.


In conclusion, considering the benefit of motivation and stress reduction offered by a long annual vacation, I strongly support the view of providing a 4 week yearly leave to all employees.



,原题是:Some people think the developments of technology make people’s life more complex, so we should make the life simpler without using technology. To what extent do you agree or disagree?一些人认为技术的发展使人们的生活变得更加复杂,所以我们应该不使用技术而让生活更简单。